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A Specialist Office and Care Recruiter, With a Difference

BZX Professionals is on paper a recruitment agency, but in practice much more than that.

We prefer to see ourselves as facilitators, on behalf of both the candidate and the client. One party comes to us in need of qualified contractual staff, the other party comes to us seeking flexible contract-based employment. Our role is not just to connect one with the other, but to make sure the interests of each are looked after.

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Our wide scope, both geographically and in terms of the sectors we work in, means we can fulfil any number of roles depending on the needs of the client. From care solutions in Northampton to connecting employees with qualified bookkeepers in Luton, our candidates are as capable as our services are broad.


We aim to be the premier provider of administrative and care recruitment in Northampton and the Midlands.

To register a vacancy as an employer or to join our team as an employee, please contact us at or fill out a contact form below. 




Our Mission


BZX Professionals aims
to benefit everyone

By choosing us, employers will have access to qualified and experienced staff across the Midlands to fill their carer, accounting, bookkeeping and administrative solutions.

Our use of a technical skills based database and thorough initial consultation regarding your vacancy means we can match you with a qualified candidate on relatively short notice. This gives us the means to provide both short term or maternity cover and rolling contracts for single positions. 



What we provide to workers

Our workers, on the other hand, enjoy all the benefits and freedoms of freelancing but with the financial and scheduling certainties of full-time employment. This spells an end for the feast-or famine way of working, along with access to employee benefits such as holiday pay.

If you want to join a recruitment agency that cares, or need administration or care recruitment in Northampton and the Midlands, get in touch at or via our contact form. 



 Frequently Asked Questions



What’s the difference between a PAYE agency and an umbrella agency?

Umbrella agencies such as ours recruit workers directly, and handle all payroll- and benefit-related matters. This remains the case even if a worker is not presently working, ensuring a continuity of employment.

Do you provide your employees with a pension?

In accordance with the Pensions Act 2008, UK employers have a legal duty to offer a workplace pension. As such, we will automatically enrol eligible employees into our in-house pension scheme, and contributions for this will be deducted for this through your pay. Workers who do not want a workplace pension can opt out.

Do you offer sick pay?

Yes – As an umbrella recruiter in Northampton and the Midlands, our workers are legally employed by us and are therefore eligible for sick pay and holiday pay.

Do you offer temp positions?

Yes. Our commitment to flexibility and the variety of sectors and companies we work in means that we can offer temp positions as well as full-time positions.

Will you share an employee’s CV with a recruiter who asks for it?

No – In line with the UK’s data protection laws, we will always seek a candidate’s permission before we share their CV with a prospective client.



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